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Prayer Requests

To come to Christ

Prayer for Diego

Sister to be healed from addiction. For my siblings to love Christ. Mom to heal from mental illness and be comforted by the Comforter. Son and me to heal from trauma and be used by God for His glory. Husband to mature in faith and catch that Holy Fire 🔥 . Brethren in Christ I know to heal from emotional pain. For close Christian friendships for all of us.

Prayer for siblings, mom, son, and the brethren

That our family continues to heal and remember what the lord did on the cross. Being human in our world today causes most of us to act and think we need to help God. It is finished! God bless you Greg Laurie and the Jesus Revolution!

Prayer for Our family

Father I ask for prayer for Mauricio that he is delivered from the enemy. Please Heavenly Father remove anything and anyone that does not come from you.

Prayer for Mauricio

We prayer for my Husband son torin , my husband has not seen his son for about 27 yrs we all miss him so much 😢 😞 💔. We pray that Jesus would bring him back to us please soon ..

Prayer for Torin

My Daughter has been on drugs for 17yrs . I pray that she would come back to Jesus and stop drugs altogether. 🙏 I miss my Daughtter so much 😢, please save her Lord Protact her from the evil one .

Prayer for Ma-Ryea

Heavenly Father, You care about each and every one of us. You want us to solely depend on You. I pray that You would open Glenn’s eyes to see how much he needs You, and that putting You first will make his life more rich than he could ever imagine. Break our pride so that we will always put You on the throne of our hearts, and help us both to experience a Jesus Revolution in our lives!!!

Prayer for Glenn

Heavenly Father give guidance to Mike in his decisions about his life.

Prayer for My son Mike. Prayer for his life! Thank you!

My husband and I need prayer for health issues. Also and this is a tough one for us, we are long time smokers. We have smoked for at least 45 years. Thank you for your prayers and your time. I need to add that Pastor Laurel is my very favorite pastor and I look forward to his emails that I receive daily.

Prayer for Husband Brian and myself (Lisa)

Pray for Chad to get into surgery to get rid of the constant pain and his spiritual battle.

Prayer for Son Chad

Father God, there are many you are sending to the crusade to know You and Your Son. Please despatch your angels for protection as well as grace to jump over every obstacle that the devil tries to stop them. We speak Grace grace grace over every soul You want there.

Prayer for All that He is calling to come. There are many and they need grace to keep their target on crusade.

Can you please pray for me? I have had alot of surgeries with many more to come. I pray everyday that God could help me. I am.lrayong for social security to finally accept me. It’s been 4 long years with no income and the doctors told me that I would be able to do all the basics to hold a job again. I’ve been a worker my entire life and now I can’t be. Thank you all for your prayers. Mike

Prayer for Mike

financial and business breakthroughs. I need God to pur a way where there is no way for me and break all the barriers which are hindering me from prospering financially and business-wise I have had all my business brought down and all my finances blown out I need prayers to regain n all what was lost

Prayer for David

Fantastic Man. He always puts people in front of himself. His son has autism . We need his son to be healed. Jim himself loves Jesus but never reads THE WORD. “Heard The Bible before. I pray the spirit coaxes him for a true relationship with HIM . Healing for his son. And A deep desire for HIS presence by reading the Bible.

Prayer for Jim W.

Heavenly Father we thank you for today and Everything you’ve done for us . Please keep us covered in the blood of Jesus and pray For all of us to be healthy and prosperous and heal us from all our troubles and continue to receive the lord’s blessings. In Jesus name amen.

Prayer for Paul (myself), my family, and my cousin Monique ulloa

She wants to go into rehab for her drug addiction. She is homeless. We have called our county and they said she needs to keep calling every 60days. There is no one that will take her. She has medi cal. Pray that a door opens up. And that she can forgive herself and be free!

Prayer for My daughter Jordan

I humbly ask for the Lord to change my situation. I have been out of work (except for one week) for over four months. I am running low on funds. I feel so ashamed and don’t want my family to know what I am going through. No one wants to hire me, and it’s taking a toll on my health and well being. I’m trying to hold on to my faith, but it’s difficult. I don’t know why I am going through this trial. I pray this dark season will end now. Please pray for my victory in His holy name. God Bless

Prayer for Myself and others like me

He’s entering the later stages of a terminal neurological disease in which it’s difficult to determine how severe his discomfort is.

Prayer for Dan

Hello, I desperately need prayer for my body. My legs aren’t working because I need back surgery. A lot of my nerves are pinched because L4-S1 are bone on bone in my lower back. I’m sorry to ask for more but I’ve just started shaking in my hands and head. Thank you so much! Hugs and blessings, Kelley

Prayer for Kelley

Pray for Karen to feel better

Prayer for Karen

PRayer for my friend james

Prayer for James